Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bicycle helmet law: a commercially-driven political measure

When we're enacting rules and regulations that adversely affect us, there must be a distinct separation between fact and fiction...


...when we're not safe in our findings as we're not with evidence supporting mandatory bicycle helmet laws, we must resist the temptation of jumping to facile conclusions at the behest of Team Nanny.

To believe the current spin, bicycle helmets with the requisite Australian/New Zealand standards ensure instant safety thanks to Standards Australia and SAI Global; and all protected by mandatory bicycle helmet laws. This is part of a deliberate attempt to misinform the public, to denigrate actual scientific research and to undermine patently obvious evidence (facts) emanating from globally recognised cycling nations.

Prima facie we would do well to remember that we are the world’s class one evidence for the imperative of avoiding mandatory bicycle helmet laws; their very own randomised controlled trial that actually prevents them from following this particular Australian initiative. kidding!

The laws on bicycle helmets need to be rewritten accurately to reflect their relative harms and to implement a cessation on the current ludicrous compulsion that requires people who use bicycles to wear questionable head devices.

But a sense of glummness prevails namely because quality leadership is lacking, and the massive industrial scale violence that bicycle helmet laws have wreaked upon the Australian economy and environment are about to be added to with yet another another commercially-driven political measure...

... "Recreational Hunting coming to a NSW National Park near you - family-fun from 12 year-old junior+"

Barry O'Farrell shouldn't be in charge of a BBQ let alone New South Wales

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