Thursday, June 7, 2012

My knight in shining jogging gear! happened to me yesterday!!!! - and I can't tell you happy it made me!!!!

I was making a real meal of getting up the hill towards the sandstone bit of Sydney uni, hating the rain and wishing there was another way home that didn't require this incline ( I know, I know it's hardly a hill but it always creates personal doom & gloom!). Anyway the next thing right out of the blue I was zipping along like some flighty little swift because there at the back of my bike was some gorgeous jogging guy who had decided I clearly needed a significant hefty push if I was to make it to the summit!!!!

Full of thanks yet concentrating on this new found speed, I didn't really get a good chance to actually see who my knight in steaming jogging gear was...(sigh!)... whoever you were/are:



  1. Not on topic for this post, but definitely on topic. I got booked today, breaking two laws, rolling round the corner in the middle of Kyneton, on the footpath (to avoid regular cop traps - ironical), at an estimated speed of 4km/h. Spent about 15 minutes in discussion with constable on the great Australian helmet swindle. He probably wouldn't have booked me if I had promised to wear a helmet next time, but you know I can't do that. Still not quite sure if infringement notice will appear in the post. If it does, I feel compelled to go to court, even though I don't expect a sympathetic hearing in country Victoria.

    The constable told me I should get a letter from my doctor, and that the police would respect that. I suppose it wouldn't be dishonest to find a GP prepared to put their name to something along the lines of "In the interests of Mr. Todd's physical and mental wellbeing, I recommend that he be exempted from the requirement to wear a helmet while cycling"

    Its getting to the stage that I don't want to devote time and anxiety to my own situation, but just do what is practical to continue cycling without the awful adrenalin overload that happens every time I see the blue and white checkerboard pattern cruising by. Then I could concentrate on the more useful general programme of getting the law reformed.

    1. ...that sucks, Alan!!! - but maybe your 'exemption' plan is a good idea - it could give you some respite from the ever-present 'will I, won't I be booked today?' concerns - good luck!!

  2. I was once grinding my way up a hilly section of Riversdale Road in Hawthorn, into a fierce headwind, on a very heavy one-speed Indian bike, when I suddenly felt a hand in the middle of my back, followed by a nonchalant "I'll give ya a hand, mate".

    A very tall, fit, muscled-up young fella on a super-slick looking, very expensive-looking racing bike proceeded to give me a tow all the way up to the lights at the corner of Tooronga Rd. Goes to show that not all wearers of lycra are irredeemable wankers.

    1. ...truly warm & fuzzy stuff!!!! - very heartening!!!