Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Australian Bicycle Catastrophe

(Royal Automobile Club of Victoria's white elephant)

Without a doubt mandatory bicycle helmet laws have been a failed state project enthusiastically cheered on by gullible journos.

Both government and the media have coccooned this foolhardy escapade by deliberately concealing evidence that illustrated right from the start the flaws and contradictions in promoters' claims of helmet safety and necessity

Notwithstanding the immediate questions raised by bicycle helmet law, voices of dissent over the past 2 decades have been ignored and silenced, and a sinister culture of continuous grants and sinecures has only added to the rot.

In effect the Australian bicycle helmet law is a catastrophe that has morphed into a symptom of democratic failure concluding in curtailment of people's right to petition government for a redress of a grievance. Relentlessly governments have overseen the suspension of our democratic function by their stubborn refusal to actually address the dynamics of accurate scientific evidence and accountability opposed to current fatuous spin.

Aquiescence is not an option.

Silence is not an option.

It is imperative that we oversee the cessation of state sanctioned commodification of risk as well as the cessation of state-sanctioned stupidity & bullying.

...and to do this, we must stand against the consensus and reject the hubris attached to the claimed virtues of bicycle helmet law - TODAY


  1. Spot on Sue! We should all be appalled and outraged that Victorian taxpayers are paying the bill for BikeShare which was doomed to fail because of mandatory helmet law. Until MHL is repealed, Victorians and cycling in general will continue to pay the price.

  2. You're right again, Peng...yet in this instance for some bizarre reason the general public don't seem to mind footing the bill as they've taken the Bicycle Helmet Cult on board holus bolus - sigh