Monday, June 4, 2012

jazz+melbourne+bicycles = paradise

Melbourne - I ♥ so very much

Brunch at Jerry's Milk Bar, Ellwood - note the bicycle down the back of the wall...

...mine for the weekend

Melbourne International Jazz Festival - Chris Potter & the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra in Federation Square

Rare sighting of bike share users with distinctive 'anywhere-else-but-here' style

Lygon Street bicycle parking prior to oodles of pasta

Late night Bennetts Lane

Eli Degibri Quartet

Dashing through Hosier Lane après 'Freestyle Cyclists' meeting (more on this to come!!!!)

Point of merging with Flinders Street melee

Kingsford Smith Airport revelation - other people use bicycles to get there too!!!!!

Sigh, I want to be swept away on a whirl of riffs, wheels & ideas again soon - such funtimes!!!


  1. Enjoyed the photos Sue. You've captured well that Melbourne winter light

  2. Kathy & Etienne, can't wait until my next Melbourne trip!!!

  3. Great to catch up Sue.
    I've just been watching the transit of Venus. The next opportunity won't be for 115 years. Do you think we will have got rid of MHLS by then?

  4. Ha! Ha! Alan! - the temptation to say something negative is almost overwhelming but I shall resist and remain 'upbeat' - for now!!!!!!!

    Great to see you too xx