Thursday, June 28, 2012

I ♥ Vancouver

I want to live here!!!!!! xx


  1. Vancouver has the effect on people.

    But notice the lovely front gardens full of hostas and things. Shade- and rain-loving plants; growing out in the open. That tells you something, and makes it easier to leave.


  2. Oh ... by the way: did you see lots of unhelmeted folks in Vancouver? They're pretty uptight about their helmets, I've heard ... and they are required by law, of course.

    1. Yes all these unhelmeted folk were snapped right here in Vancouver - I would say the uptake rate was about 50:50 - lovely city for cycling!!

  3. You must have seen this, but just in case you missed it.
    Australian cycling boom a myth
    ""Well over half a million more Australians could be riding bicycles if we didn't have mandatory helmet laws, according to research I conducted last year which showed one in five adults surveyed in Sydney said they would ride a bicycle more if they did not have to wear a helmet," Professor Rissel said."

  4. It is most ironic the the Oz Govt is trying to increase the number of science graduates, but when scientific research including those from Prof Rissel shows the fallacy of bike helmets and its deterrence on cycling, the Oz Govt ignores the findings if not treats it with contempt.

  5. I don't want to live anywhere with a helmet law, although our winters here in Montréal are much colder.

  6. Finally some nice shots of people on bikes in Vancouver! The usual image shown of Vancouver cyclists is helmets + special rain gear.

    @Ceci n'est pas un display name.
    I wonder if VPD eased on their enforcement with so many people from out of country...Wouldn't look good on Vancouver if people from all over the world went back home with a $30 ticket.