Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye!!!

Monday 11th July 2011: Scone Local Court - Defended Hearing

Crime of not wearing bicycle helmet whilst riding bicycle


Outfit: not suit (yuck!-hate), something 'Carmen-y', evoking 'tragedy-between-mens-loos-&-paella stand' - CHECK ✓

Documents: submissions for court, police prosecutor, me; copies of 'The Guardian' on catastrophic climate change; SAI licence; helmet manual; relevant cases; relevant legislation - CHECK ✓

Supporters: one 'wary' baby no.3 - previously absent for 'moments-like-these', looking like he's wondering how he ended up being only Abbott rellie in Scone!!!, + fab 'usual-suspect-chums'- CHECK ✓

Meedya Circus: media release sent to lots of potentials - PROBABLY NOT X

...will keep you posted!!!


  1. Good luck, Sue! And give 'm hell, baby!

    hugz from Marion from the Netherlands

  2. Michel van WoudenbergJuly 11, 2011 at 2:19 AM

    Sue, just read about you taking this up becoz my brother Marc (Amsterdamize) alerted me (I live in Melbourne now and HATE not being able to ride my dutch bike in Melbourne without a stupid helmet) so GOOD LUCK !!! Michel

  3. Marion, I'll try!!!!

    Michel, lovely to touch base - helmet laws sure do suck!!!

    ...many thanks to you both - I'll let you know how I go

    ...ought to go to bed but I'm too excited!!!!!!

  4. All the best Sue. You sound very well prepared.
    We'll be thinking of you all day. Waiting for news.


    Kathy and Alan

  5. All the very best, Sue. I'll be thinking of you all day.



  6. Good luck, Sue!

    I'm up again in a few weeks time, so hope it goes well - I could use the precedent!

  7. I am not going to wish you good luck... helmets has nothing to do with luck, they are just a bad experiment with negative outcome in it's 22nd year from political populisme.
    Luck is a coincidence. So let sanity prevail...

  8. Thank you everybody!!! - love your support - it's amazing

    Immensely satisfying occasion in court whatever the outcome...

    ...why? because I was heard!

    ...awaiting deliberation - to be given to me tomorrow - will fill you in then!!