Monday, July 18, 2011

Lord Monckton: a legend in his own lunchbox

Full marks to Wendy Carlisle and the ABC for yesterday's Background Briefing programme on Lord Monkton (funnily enough I featured him on my blog a couple of weeks ago too!!!)

Listening to the meeting scene in Hyde Park reminded me of the desert scene in 'The Life of Brian' - it was vaguely comical at first but then it turned very ugly - unbelievably Wendy was intimidated to the point where she had to leave.

Why do we pretend in Australia that this hereditary peer (but not House of Lords member as he claimed to Adam Spencer last week) can add anything to any climate change discussion? He can't - he's a 'flat-earther' with no formal education in science other then two 'O' level certificates in school mathematics.

...& he deliberately chooses not to inform himself of details of his sponsor so that he can be free of any conflict of interest! - that doesn't work!!! - he can't believe that surely?

No matter how comforting it is for him to behave in his puerile 'ostrich' manner, he can't possibly imagine that it places him in a free & unfettered position to herald his 'bunsen-burner' musings as independent quality research.

But who cares when you're trying to get 'bums-on-seats'!

Certainly the National Press Club of Australia didn't a couple of weeks ago though I noticed on their website yesterday that since that first billing of the venerable M & his take on climate change, it's been somewhat credibly rebadged with the inclusion of Dr Richard Deniss in debate format

- now that should be fun!!!


...oh! & PS: he's a 'legend in the Galileo Movement's rather plush lunchbox' as well...!

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