Friday, July 15, 2011

Melbourne Punk Commute - 30th July 2011

Don't miss this date for your diaries!!!

Saturday 30th July 2011 - 12:30pm till whenever...

Grab your bikes!! - we're meeting at Melbourne's Federation Square, opposite the beautiful Flinders Station (see above), before we make our way to somewhere else in Melbourne (still 'planning' that bit!) -

There is a bike share station close to Fed Square so you could grab one of those or one from another nearby bike-share stations in the area - or maybe you'll want to secure your bike beforehand since it would be such a pity to miss out if we end up having a huge rush of protestors!!! - you just never know!?!?!

Whatever; you decide your hat-wear options! - naturally!!

Our democracy, our rules - let's get Victoria to recognise our right to choose whether we helmet or not!!


  1. We'd love to attend Sue. Looking forward to meeting you again.
    The attitude of the Police will be critical in how the event unfolds. Let's hope the Melbourne Police have learnt something from the tolerant behaviour of their colleagues in Sydney.

    Thanks for organising this for Victorians. We probably have the most difficult job of any of the States in getting rid of the hated legislation since it all began here.

    Kathy and Alan

  2. Good on you. You're the poster children for failed bike helmet laws, but your legislators lack the spine to repeal them despite the fact that they are very obviously neither necessary nor effective.

  3. I can't be there physically because I'll be working but I will be in spirit, cheering all the way. Goodonyer Sue. Respect.

    Mulger Bill

  4. crapcyclelanes! - it was great - utterly exhausting but exhilarating - nothing like expressing your opinion in public!!


  5. and thank you, Guy & Mulger Bill, for dropping by and proffering your wonderful support - much needed & great to hear from you!!

    ...& Guy, you're spot on with us being the 'poster children for failed bike helmet laws...' - thanks for the url - we're very excited hear to read about the survey of doctors through the BMJ

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