Friday, July 8, 2011

Mike's Bikes - see this exhibition

"I've been shopping!!!" - honestly, who could resist?

So many lovely options!!!...

Mike has spoilt us rotten with his wonderful earthy exhibition (visit the Tap Gallery) detailing the wonderful earthy bicycle.

Lino cuts, rubbings, solar prints - it really could have been very hard to choose except that I frequently check out his blog & had spotted my 'must-have' item!!! (see below my 'girl reaching for her purse' on left!)

Mike's oeuvre d'art reveals the limitless potential of bicycles in our landscapes whilst simultaneously beckoning Australian society to reconnect with this medium of transport.

I love the movement & the peace, the space & the dance - I love Mike's visual poetry that makes you feel you've come home - I love the figurative platform he's provided to recreate our own narrative without the constraints of state-sanctioned fear.

PS I also love Paul Van Bellen's Gazelle bicycle featured above, & am so thrilled to be sharing a house with one now!!!!


  1. I'm really looking forward to the gallery on Sunday. Will you be there, Sue, or will you have too much on your hands RE: Court Appearance? If I don't see you, I wish you all the best for the appearance and I hope that the brain between the ears of the magistrate is switched on... :)

  2. Sadly, Paul, I won't be there - I'm madly preparing last minute 'winning' submissions for Monday's court appearance - last week was nuts coordinating the logistics for the Greenpeace International ED (fun though & inspiring) - luckily I was able to squeeze in a quick visit to Mike's fabulous exhibition - it was just what I needed - utterly peaceful, a balm to my inner something - lovely 'Parisian Garrett' feel too - beautiful, you'll love it.

    ...have to chat to you soon - having said no to a meeting with the Hon. Ajaka because I want the Hon. Dunk, the Ministry of Roads & Ports refuse to give up on me! and continue to contact me re setting one up the Hon. Johnnie - so let's do it!!!! - which Monday works for you?

  3. Any Monday! Also the next two Thursdays & Fridays work for me. :)

    All the very best for Monday.