Thursday, July 7, 2011

Australia, you're on notice!

(Photos: Lowy Institute, Kumi Naidoo ED Greenpeace)

As Sunday gets closer and we all wonder what will be revealed in the climate change package, Kumi Naidoo's address at the Lowy Institute yesterday challenged Australians to pick up the climate change baton and start training for the race. Passionate & engaging, Kumi said in no uncertain terms that the world has come to see Australia as a surprising laggard in climate change action.

In effect, we have lost our will to effect viable solutions, and inexplicably we continue to be swept up in dated economic practices and industries.

...& I have to say our 'meedya-circus' doesn't help either!! - especially given that they are particularly fond of Big Corpa!

Favourable access to 'meedya-circus' seems to require considerable financial resources which eliminates a significant number of worthy organisations & individuals with urgent messages to deliver.

That Lord Monckton should get a guernsey at the National Press Club later this month, diminishes the NPC claim:

'...that through the National Australia Bank Address the Press Club has developed a reputation nationally and internationally as Australia’s leading forum for the discussion of issues and debate on public policy in a lively, informative and entertaining format...'

...& notwithstanding the NPC's senior vice-president Steve Lewis' statement in the OZ that the their mission is to 'provide a civilised forum for an important debate', are the Australian community really expected to take from this that the NPC believes that:

- there is still a debate to be had on climate change?

- Lord M could actually add any cogent arguments?

- he could even contribute positively to the NPC's much-touted reputation?

No doubt Lord M will fill-up the requisite NPC tables, and be broadcast into Australian telly-rooms across the nation (if Australians can be bothered to turn over from the footy) - BUT when all's said & done, there's no escaping the fact that the blatant love-fest between 'meedya-circus' & Big Corpa ensures that the interests of the common man, woman and child are entirely superfluous to any ecological agenda.


No wonder the world has put us on notice!

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