Friday, July 29, 2011

Melbourne Punk Commute - TOMORROW

...our voice, our concern, our ride

...see you then...

(with bells on!!!)


  1. Sue,

    You have probably seen it but there is a great series on the War on the Motorist website about helmets. The final installment is here with links to the earlier ones:

    It's well worth the read.

  2. Hi Sue, some interesting findings from the global membership of the British Medical Journal reported in today's London Evening Standard

    "Bicycle helmets should not be made compulsory, doctors said today. The shock finding came in a poll of readers of the British Medical Journal.

    More than two thirds of the journal's readers voted against mandatory cycle helmets for adults.

    They said making helmet-wearing compulsory could deter people from taking up cycling - meaning they would not get the health benefits of added exercise."

    Detail of the survey on the British Medical Survey website here:

  3. Matt, so heartening to read all that!!!

    The Punk Commute yesterday was great and exhilarating but I never cease to be surprised by the raw aggression some people display when others are holding an opinion counter to the one they hold

    The BMJ news is truly encouraging,