Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PUNK COMMUTE - 3 more sleeps!!!

Yet another postcard from me to my local member:


Dear George,

We're disappointed that you're unavailable to meet us on Friday.

Could you please suggest somebody else to receive our "Recommendations"?

I still stand by my comment to you that given there are only 60 'Sitting Days' this year it was always going to be a long-shot catching any of you "At Home" in our Parliament House!

Kind regards,



* submit 'notice of intention to hold peaceful assembly' - check

* buy megaphone - check

* hope it arrives in time!!!! - busting to check that one!!!

* buy graffiti black spray-paint to make sheet banners (PUNK COMMUTE) - do Thursday

* find old sheet for sheet banners - do tomorrow

* put postage stamps on 'Punk Commute' postcards for handing out purposes on Friday - do Thursday

* write 'Recommendations' - do Thursday

* write a mini-speech - do Thursday

* buy beautiful bunch of flowers for visionary Lord Mayor - do Friday morning

...anything I've missed??? - anyone?

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