Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cheery euphemisms ought not to inform legislation

(Photos: Traffic parked in Amsterdam)

No-one has provided Class-one evidence to either substantiate the protection claim of bicycle helmets or to catergorically prove that helmets are actually fit for purpose and free from defects.

The current AS/NZ2063 standard is limited in what it tests for, but the Australian public is unaware of this and therefore are mislead or deceived into thinking that bicycle helmets will provide them and/or their families with comprehensive protection.

Meanwhile back at the 'Ranch', our elected representatives are well aware that the helmet protection claim is flimsy but are terrified of revoking the law and being the first batch of politicians to have un-helmeted cyclists die on their watch...

...but my dear elected Honourables, cyclists are dying now with helmets on and you take it in your stride admirably - do not let the "Spectre of Doom & Gloom Spin" from the usual suspects deter you from revoking our unfounded, ridiculously flawed and contradictory legislation.

Revoke helmet laws today!


...& a little addendum: I can't believe the lack of 'sitting' that happens in our Parliament - out of 365 days in 2011 our Honourables will only be sitting for 60 of them - I want their job!!!

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