Sunday, May 15, 2011

Woop-e-dee-doo-dah - Bourke Street

...woof-fee-dee-day!, oh my, what a wonderful day!

...plenty of sunshine heading my way



...bicycle feeling!

...bicycle day!!!!

We 'woop-wooped' it in Bourke Street today with 1,000s of other Sydney-siders - & it couldn't have been more perfect!!!

Three cheers for our visionary Lord Mayor of Sydney:

Hip hip hooray...Hip hip hooray...Hip hip hooray!!!

& thanks all round:



  1. Did she say anything at all about how none of you were wearing helmets??

    On a side note, I've just been to Copenhagen and was SHOCKED at the number of cyclists wearing helmets... NOOOOOOO. I couldn't believe it. I guess we're only talking about 10% but given the number of cyclists in that city, that means that there were way more than I ever thought there would be. My eyes couldn't take it - what's going on?? LSS

  2. I long to be free of the helmet and have the wind in my hair!

  3. LSS: the 'H' word was not mentioned, and true to form, pragmatists sat on the fence as though the proverbial elephants were not in the room!!!! Copenhagen, we were really shocked too when we were there- how insidious and pervasive are helmet manufacturers and promoters???

    Salvador & Inkle - you can be - free yourself!!! - it's well worth it!!! - nothing quite like a spot of wind in your hair!

  4. I find the present situation , in which politicians of all persuasions are avoiding this issue, quite unacceptable. If the police were not enforcing the law, it would be understandable that they pretend it has nothing to do with them. But there are crackdowns at present , and sometimes quite distressing scenes, in both Melbourne and Sydney and these amount to the persecution and harassment of our most sustainable road users.

    For politicians to refuse to look at the research, to refuse to see the elephant in the room, to not mention the "H" word, to sit on the fence and to say nothing is to condone the Police behaviour. They cannot look the other way and hope the Police use 'discretion' in carrying out the law. At present enforcement is unpredictable, inconsistent and unfair. You can be fined if they don't like the look of you , if they're feeling grumpy or if you live in the wrong area.
    Our Politicians are the law makers and they have to be made to take responsibility.
    It is as if they are looking at each other and hoping someone else mentions it first , so that that politician gets the blame.

    Or maybe they're waiting to see how the Punk Commute goes....

  5. Kathy, you are so eloquent - really looking forward to meeing you at the Punk Commute!!!! - almost here!!