Monday, May 9, 2011

PUNK COMMUTE - getting closer!!!!!

Encased with sorrowful regretful tones, the PAs for the Premier (the Hon. Barry O'Farrell) and the Minister for Transport (the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian) have sweetly left phone messages on my phone to say they cannot attend our pending "Punk Commute" - sigh!

Notwithstanding, the message from the Premier expressly conveyed his warmest regards, plus his very best wishes for the ride and my endeavours!!!!!

Given that he is so part of my 'endeavours', maybe it means he's going to be really amenable and agree to revoking mandatory bicycle helmet law!!!... fact the more I re-listen to the message the more I am beside myself with excitement - so warm & friendly...

...I've tried calling back to leave a 'warm & friendly' message too but it's just been ringing out so I haven't been able to...

...yet... worries though - I'll keep trying.

Other 'pollie' news - polite letter from Minister for Roads (the Hon. Duncan Gay) - apparently all the material I raised in my "Punk Commute" postcard is being considered - lovely! - can't wait to hear the final outcome of his considerations.

...& that just leaves my own local honey who hasn't got back to me yet but I'm confident he will - I think he's somewhat preoccupied with 'MattersRacing&Gambling' - poor darling...

...'roads' and 'transport' must seem like a piece of cake!!!!

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