Sunday, March 13, 2011

Windscreeen Wipers & Bicycle Baskets for Freedom of Choice

During our little spot of 'Postcard Bombing' on the Sydney Uni Campus last week, I was appalled to see how few cycle racks there actually are in situ. Unfathomably, the University prides itself about its cycle parking - I am at a complete loss to see why.

From what I observed, the racks were minimal, old fashioned and clearly picked up in a 'Jumble Sale'. Notwithstanding those negatives, my overarching criticism is the Campus Security's trigger-happy approach towards cyclists who park their bicycles outside of the designated areas. Padlocks are mutilated and bicycles impounded at ridiculous & liberty-abusing expense to their hapless owners.

No way can such an approach encourage bicycle usage - sigh

What a sorry state of affairs for such a large, 'self-important' academic institution that revels in giving itself a big 'Matters Tertiary' rap.

When you consider how many students attend the university (48,000), Sydney's current congestion levels and institutional contribution to 'aforementioned' congestion, it's clear that possibilities abound for university policy to be creative and useful; to be a civic trend-setter as it were.


Shame on you, Sydney Uni, for your lack of imagination and your restrictive campus codes...

...your grade for cycling infrastructure and support - FAIL!!


Universities & bicycles have gone 'hand & hand' (figuratively speaking) for decades, and still ought to be naturally aligned.

Look at the maps above - they blatantly support my charge...only that many bicycle racks for 48,000 students!!!!! - 100s & 100s are needed!!!


Sydney University, show us your mettle...and put it to their pedals!!!!!


  1. I don't know about Sydney University but the University of Queensland makes a lot of money by charging for car parking...

    They are as addicted to the motor car as the students are.

    In the morning the road is almost gridlocked with cars heading to UQ - mostly P plate drivers and usually just one person per vehicle.

  2. disappointing when you consider the alternatives that could position Australian universities in leadership roles for behavioural changes in urban transport & usage

  3. Also sad when you consider that Uni students are the country's leaders of the future.

  4. UoW has a huge amount over 720 parking spaces for bikes i think. Most of the are near or at capacity as well.

  5. Totally agree with you, Gary!

    James, that's impressive for Australia!!!!