Thursday, March 17, 2011

Velo Cops, Patrol Car Police & City Rangers

(Photo: Newtown moment near 'Campos')


* 'Velo cops', Missenden Road, cycling towards and then past me from opposite direction as I waited at traffic lights to turn right into Carillon Avenue - obviously not the 'chasing' ones!!

* 'Patrol-Car police' opposite me & waiting to turn left into Glebe Point Road as I was waiting to turn right - all somewhat confusing with 'who' ought to go first (them, obviously!), and before I knew it I'd ended up at 'driving cop's' window & was suggesting "you go first" - sounded like a plan, & off we all went with me following them up Glebe Point Road!

* 'City Rangers' (Aussie equivaltent to UK Traffic Wardens) issuing tickets in Mary Ann Street whilst I was simultaneously issuing post cards - startled them both by giving them one saying "this time, we have something for you!"

But, the best bit of the day was...

...bumping into Clover Moore, our estimable Lord Mayor of Sydney & Independent Member for Sydney, doing a spot of 'street-walking' just like me...

I went into 'fan' mode:

♥ gushed how much I admired her,

♥ shook her hand enthusiastically,

♥ blurted out how I'd met her before but didn't expect her to remember me,

♥ declared dramatically to her & the whole of Bulwarra Street that I was campaigning for law reform, & that bicycle helmets ought to be a matter for choice

♥ gratefully received her pamphlet,

♥ forgot to give her mine!!!!?

...& Clover Moore's response; utterly charming, and genuinely friendly, and graciously serene...


I'm more smitten than ever - if I lived in her electorate (sigh!) I would VOTE 1 CLOVER MOORE FOR SYDNEY in 9 days time.

Go, Clover!!!!

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