Sunday, March 13, 2011

Climate Change Mitigation

(Photos: NRMA) scared is our car industry!

What funtimes! I feel positively emboldened as I wait to see exactly when I am scheduled to appear in court to defend the crime of riding a bicycle without an approved bicycle helmet...

OK, so my argument is pretty much going to have to be the 'same old, same old' again as I prepare myself for my imminent curial appearance and that's basically because the defence of necessity is really my only legal avenue in any Australian Court of Law.

Anyhoo, no worries, I'll just dust off those necessary elements for 'necessity' let me see, do I have the 'necessary' ingredients??:

1. Necessary belief
2. Proportionate response
3. Imminency underpinned by the notion of this particular act as an 'alternative course of action'

...I think so - CHECK to all 3!

...but really, really, really excitingly & also, interestingly, the defence of necessity is being raised around the globe for various crimes committed primarily to protect the environment, and some are finding the courts sympathetic to the climate change cause.

I have cause to be very hopeful, methinks...yes indeedy!!!

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