Friday, March 4, 2011

Melbourne Meetings: Day 1

Funtimes today with Alan Todd (above):

* Played best-ever 'treasure hunt' to collect favourite bike from The Humble Vintage

* Lunch & yarns in Lygon Street (& just listen to this!!!! - Alan's partner, Kathy, once received a custodial sentence for the crime of 'not wearing a helmet' when she was 6 months pregnant - if ever we needed evidence that Australia is utterly daft Kathy's tale must be it!!!!!!)

* Window-shopping at slow bicycle pace along Little Collins

* Finally 'moseyed-on' home to Richmond from CBD


* Saw zero'velocops'...most disappointing - had the camera & all!


  1. Two familiar faces - glad you had a great ride. Shame about the lack of velo-cops. Perhaps they've been instructed to ignore you, Sue? You might have to wear a disguise - maybe a cap and a fixie? ;)

    Looking forward to catching up again sometime.