Thursday, March 3, 2011

Colonisation of Politics

(Photos: just round the corner from 'Barangaroo')

Understanding the full extent of Big Businesses' Corporate Take-over of Politics is a deflating process, and can lead to rapid demoralisation.

So before that happens, I want answers to a couple of key questions...and I want them, immediately...

* 'Why do we have to put up with this morally bankrupt bevaviour?'

* 'What hope have we got revoking mandatory helmet laws when sophisticated marketing techniques are routinely permitted to win over reason & evidence?'

* How can ministers get away with retrospective & expeditious amendments of law, yet take 20 years dodging correction of failed public policy?

My government is bereft of intergrity and backbone - yet everything they do is in my name - I am disgusted with myself!

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