Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our New "Bradbury-esque" Premier

After witnessing a 'Steven Bradbury' campaign out-perform the Australian Labour Party, lucky old NSW has Mr O'Farrell as our eager new leader; & he's already announced his transport minister - I sincerely hope she's a better correspondent than some of the former ministers involved with NSW transport and roads - I'm still owed a letter, and clearly that's not going to happen now!

No matter, I'll get onto Gladys first thing Monday morning.

Also fingers crossed silly old Barry didn't mean any of that negative 'locking-horns-with-Clover' stuff, broadcast last weekend! - that could make things somewhat strained when I assume my customary advisory role to the Department of Premier & Cabinet!

...and there's something else that's just occurred to me - he'll be the one now that gets the chance to meet us all on the 20th May (PUNK COMMUTE DAY!!)

Congrats, Bazza! - really looking forward to meeting you then &, remember, we're counting on you not to take New South Wales backwards anymore than it already is!!!

Bonne chance!

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