Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cruising - Sydney Style

According to Gandhi...

1. First they ignore you,

2. then they laugh at you,

3. then they fight you,

4. then you win!

...yes! - we are so on the brink of number 4...

Go, Sydney!!!! - Go, us!!! xx


  1. Great promo. Once you've got advertising on your side, your just about there. At least in Sydney. Copenhagenize's latest post features a bike festival in Perth, and makes the observation that Perth and Sydney seem a bit more relaxed about cycling than Melbourne.

    On the more academic side, I don't know if you've caught up with the new online journal called The Conversation, which was launched last Thursday. It aims to bring university research to a more general audience, and fill the gap in the mainstream media, which concentrates so much on the new and disposable. The most read article in the first edition (funny how the issue gets people in) is by Chris Rissell. I hope my link http://theconversation.edu.au/articles/ditching-bike-helmets-laws-better-for-health-337 works.

    Even more academic is the newly published research by Rune Elvik, a Norwegian road research expert. He has done a meta-analysis of the work by Attewell et al (one of the ones our road authorities like to quote) and corrected it for publishing bias and time trend. An 85% benefit of helmets has now been shown as a 15% benefit (always with the proviso of "in the event of an accident") and reducing with more recent findings. He has also attributed significant publishing bias to Thomson Rivara and Thomson of the "renowned" Cochrane review. Kathy has posted a link to the document on Sydney Cyclist - helmetless riders - new study from Norway.

  2. Fantastic promo. Once the advertising industry is on side we are really making progress. At least in Sydney.

    Copenhagenize's latest post features the ride not drive week in Perth, and makes the observation that perth and Sydney seem more relaxed about cycling than Melbourne.

    There is a new online newspaper called The Conversation which was launched last week. It is aimed at bring university research to a wider audience using quality journalism, and aims to fill the gap in this area left by the mainstream press which focuses on the new and disposable. The most read article in the first edition was by Chris Rissell on why we should ditch bike helmet laws! Find it at http://theconversation.edu.au/articles/ditching-bike-helmets-laws-better-for-health-337

  3. Alan, thank you so much for your comments! - The Conversation is amazing - I love it! - and it is sorely needed given that the regular media is so lazy in regards to this matter - they seem quite content to run with the 'same old, same old' stuff despite lack of evidence. It is refreshing to finally have a medium like The Conversation who will not be 'trotting' things our for the sake of it!!

    Can't comment on Perth, but Sydney is certainly uber relaxed about cycling - basically we have all types covered and for the most part everyone seems fairly even-tempered about sharing the roads...

    ...in fact last week I even had a bus anticipate problems for me when he viewed ahead of me a car door about to be opened!!! - accordingly he gave me a massive berth so I could avoid 'aforementioned' car door - very nice! - stationary car occupant was horrified and proffered many apologies! - funtimes if not a trifle alarming occasionally!!