Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Velo City15: A Parade too far for Duncan & Oz

Dear Duncan,

This blogpost is for you because your knowledge of liveable cities and good roads and robust transport is sorely lacking,

... and if we have to put up with you for the next political term, certain things are going to have to be sorted out between us all.

First, it was such a shame you didn't think about joining us all at Velo City this year in Nantes.

It was a truly wonderful event (check out Queensland mob above) and unquestionably 'you' would have learnt a lot.

Global politicians were present (although we can hardly refer to you as global can we!) and of the opinion the use of bicycles is not just an important ecological salvo but an economical one too.

Now that ought to grab you because your government makes such a fuss about being 'grown ups' with the money side of running New South Wales ...

... which if that really was the case would see you championing the use of bicycles significantly more than you do.

I'm afraid you really are a 'fail' in that department and we really must get you back on track.

No-one at Velo City15 could believe their ears when we mentioned that were about to rip up one of our rare separated cycleways in Sydney ... no kidding, no-one! Delegates and presenters alike were shocked and gasped in horror! Apparently it's completely unheard of as a transport strategy.

What were you thinking?

Hard to save face on that one so might I suggest you just grin and bear it and just take your idiocy on the chin ... and then reverse your regrettable decision immediately.

I have to hand it to you, you completely stumped them with your 'cyclelane demolition mindset' - no-one saw that coming not even from Australia.

Most politicians, Duncan, actually recognise the speed of automobiles needs to be limited whereas you carry on wanting to facilitate fossil fuelled vehicles throughout our city.

And most importantly, Duncan, and this is where your old grey matter really seems to struggle, most politicians pretty much got that improving cycling mobility improves transport mobility ...

Yes ... research shows this time and time again, Duncan, yet you cannot take this fact on board and turn it into a workable transport initiative.

Velo City15 has finished now for another year, and political, municipal and transport leaders have left or are leaving Nantes with various take-home messages that promise to see improved cycling in their various countries by improving cycling safety with good infrastructure and legal protection.

But seriously what can we Australians who attended this Velo City really claim to be taking home apart from shattered dreams, forlorn hopes and peptic ulcers.

The time has past where you get away with your ignorant cavalier attitude to roads and transport because the time has come to reallocate space away from cars ...

... we know it and the rest of the world know it ... and you ought to know it.

And yet notwithstanding that the United Nation's Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon has challenged the transport sector around the world do something about climate change, all you can do is perpetuate your vicious cycle of automobile dependency.

Politicians need to ensure that the cities and regions they represent make it easier for people to live sustainably because if they don't they will be cast aside for not meeting their citizens' desires.

In effect, you're are fast becoming irrelevant.

So, Duncan, my message to you is that you must cease and desist your 'subsidising fuel for tranpsort' habit and get with the programme - the bicycle programme.

Yours in bicycle cheers,
Sue (no-relation-to-tony) Abbott


  1. Definitely a missed opportunity. Visiting Europe and viewing their cycling culture is the best thing an Australian transport minister could do.

    It would allow them to see what things are like away from the lycra battleground of Aussie roads, where you have to constantly fight drivers for your right to a place on the road. It would let them see how relaxed and unpressured cycling could improve our roads in everything from traffic to safety to health.

    If only they'd open their eyes.

    1. Dear Anonymous, I couldn't agree with you more!!!!!

      "If only they'd open their eyes" - but this is Australia and so we're stuck in a really dumb cycling paradigm!

      There is no hope on the horizon with the ridiculous road ministers that currently control the helm on the goodship Australia!