Thursday, June 4, 2015

Velo City 2015 a bicycle paradise unlike Sydney

If you're an Australian, it is hard not to be depressed here in Nantes.

And it's not the urban wildflowers ...

... or the scenery that get you down!

No, it's what everybody else has ...

... that is commonplace,

... and unremarked upon ...

...en effet,

... it is the comprehensive 'sharing of the roads' ... sigh

So with local cheeses on every table at La Cité (le Centre des Congrès de Nantes), and big cheeses from further afield on some of the floors, we're well and truly underway with Velo City15 and as an Australian, I am truly bothered by the cycling disconnect.

And notwithstanding that it was good to see (along with french bubbly and macaroons) Sydney's very own Fiona Campbell receive a monitoring 'Eco-Counter' award at the opening cheese ceremony, it was hard to get too excited knowing full well, in Fiona's own words, that 'we're under attack!' ...

...because back home in Australia our political leaders are about to systematically destroy our scarce cycling resources by sending in the demolition squad ... no kidding

Are we really going to let that fossil-fuel-loving, inept dinosaur of a NSW politician, Duncan Gay, rip up our College Street Cycleway because it annoys him when he drives past it on his way to work (NSW State Parliament House) and are we really going to let him get away with it?

It's all so very depressing ... and en ce moment I can only weep into my drinks at new temporary local, l’Univers Café whilst listening to excellent french jazz ... sigh

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