Thursday, July 4, 2013

You want bicycles?...try Torbole


Near the Dolomites, the bicycle is royalty...

...and is used by brides & grooms

...'Tour de France' types...

...and everybody else too...

...all happily co-existing, doing their thing, their own way...

...including BN3...

...& BN4...

...& HN1


...cycling... for everyone...

...& everyone does it

...ok...not everyone

And those that do are not put off by little hillocks...

...or steps (if 'vietato a ciclo' sign is anything to go by at top!)


Why are we Australians such a bunch of woosses when it comes to cycling?

What terrifies us so much about this 2-wheeled activity when in so many other countries it's non-event done by 'tutti' in so many different ways?

Massive sigh from me - SIGH


  1. While you are up that way, try Bozen/Bolzano, cycle share wee bit over 30%, on wonder it is consider to the best place to live in Italy... ;-)

  2. Thanks, Kim, for all that!

    Sadly we head back to Oz tomorrow and I'm dreading it - this last month has been bliss in so many ways, and not only bicycle ones. Now it's back to misogyny and bike-hatred - sigh

  3. What a beautiful place! I've never been to that town. I guess it is impossible to have visited every town in Italy. There were lots of bicycles in Pordenone and Udine (cities between Venice and Trieste) 20-30 years ago and now I see they have city bike sharing.

    1. Oh, Lagatta, to be anywhere else but here now that I am back!!!

  4. I just don't get it. Can you imagine a couple like in the 7th picture carrying their three children like that in Australia without the sanctimonious tut-tuts, moans and lecturing? An image like that would probably make the news - for all the wrong reasons.


    1. Edward, I wish you weren't right but you are...completely.

      It's so disheartening and so unnecessary.