Friday, July 5, 2013


Roof top view of Firenze

...and BN3's X-box 360 race view of Florence!


...and baskets...

...and mobiles


...and children

Gold and more gold!



Friends out shopping

Dreamy tourists...

...and happy tourists


...and more sunnies

Pork pie...



...and statues

Passengers, here...

...and here

...and here

"I bike Florence"... we did...

...with Team leader Jess and other 'I bike Florence-ers'

As with all towns, always a need for good locks...

...and probably street troughs too.

Australia, how about it?


  1. I have cycled in Florence, but mostly merely walked there as the city centre (even outside the highly-touristed area in the microcentro) simply isn't very large, but I was being a tourist and visiting Florentine friends there (I was studying in Italy, first in Perugia, then in Rome).

    Indeed there are a large number and wide range of cyclists. Since the centre of Florence is flat - and also because theft IS a problem - a lot of the bicycles are reliable old beaters. I wouldn't suggest leaving a bag with money, documents, a computer or other valuables in a front basket, as lo scippo (a noun of Neapolitan origin, but now known throughout Italy) is an Italian speciality. It means "ripping off" while driving a scooter (I'm sure it is even possible on a bicycle).

    I hope you found nice places to stay and eat in Florence - it is so heavily touristed that ripoffs are common. If you know people there, such as cycle chic colleagues, that can be a big help.

    I remember staying here once, at this hostel in a lovely old villa, between Florence and Fiesole, in the hills surrounding the town: Have no idea of current ratings (prices are still very reasonable, according to their site), and they hire bicycles. That can be a good solution for travellers on a tight budget.

  2. Thanks for all that info, Lagatta! - might look into your lovely old villa next time...because there is so definitely going to be a next time - LOVED FIRENZE!