Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Bus-Driver-Parent - Sydney's full of them

(Me & my colourful Gronnigen cardigan)

Darling niece on Sydney bus travelling along Parramatta Road text me this arvo to say that bus driver had been swearing away at some pedestrian he had just missed when suddenly he said out loud to all of them on board:

"Where's her helmet?"

Darling niece looked up and burst out laughing...

"...because there you were cycling by wearing black cardigan with colourful flowers! - can't stop laughing - HA! HA! HA!"


  1. This is the funny thing about Australia - not only are we exceedingly obedient of authority ourselves, so many of us also take it upon ourselves to become offended when others are disobedient.

    Would there be another country in the world whose self-image (irreverent, anti-authoritarian, easy-going) is so at odds with its real nature (conformist, meek, censorious)?

  2. Hi Freedom Cyclist,

    The Guardian had a fluff piece about the backlash against mandatory hair straightening (I also have a mane of curly hair, grey now). A link from it:

    Make sure to watch the little video at the end, where there is a photo on the animus between curly hair and helmets!