Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UNITED AIRLINES - no way, never again!

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Dear Mr Smisek,

Before this trip, I had not actually availed myself of your services, and now that I have, I can emphatically inform you that I certainly never will again.

After a flurry of United Airlines delays, cancellations, & missed connections, I became part of your growing community of dissatisfied customers wasting hours of our lives in your unhelpful Customer Service queues.

With your San Francisco supervisor spinning 'weather' as your 'nemesis' in a bid to abnegate your responsibilities to your abandoned passengers, the issue of vouchers for hotel rooms and meals became at best an arbitrary exercise and at worst a non-event. Meawhile the issue of condescension, dished up abundantly, negated any former notion of US Customer Service 'best-practice' that I had previously and somewhat foolishly entertained.


Inter alia your airport kiosks could have been handy as many of your passengers were only too keen to assist you alleviate the burden on your customer service queues. But nigh on 3am, exasperation was to remain the order of the day as your machines bleakly informed any-takers at large that they were "...currently outside of service hours," simultaneously mirroring the sentiments of your human Customer Service personnel too!!!


So when it came to me finally embarking upon my flight 24 hours after original scheduled time, it was without surprise that I discovered my allocated window seat turned out to be missing the 'window,' which I suppose is the preferable bit of the 'window-seat-combo' to be missing if something had to be missing.


You may or may not be interested to know that notwithstanding United Airlines' 'best efforts', I made it back to Australia just in time to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary, and for me that was all that mattered.

Despite my displeasure in yours and my relationship, I seek only an acknowlegement from United Airlines of the appalling circumstances that you put your passengers in and left us in over the weekend of Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July. I am not seeking any other damages because I am too exhausted and do not wish to prolong the agony of being involved with you any longer than is necessary. The sooner my life is cleansed of United Airlines, the better.

I look forward to hearing from you, though remind you not expect or tempt me to ever book another flight with you again.

Yours sincerely,


  1. I wonder why aeroplanes don't issue helmets to passengers, to go with the oxygen masks and life jackets? Something much like a bicycle "helmet" would surely make a big impact on the number of passenger head injuries in the event of an emergency landing or crash? ;)