Friday, July 6, 2012

On behalf of Mr Smisek, United Airlines is sorry!

I'm a sucker for apologies, and I just got one from United!!! - nice!

It was kind of weird listening to myself being quoted as the rep used parts of my email to illustrate my 'angst' and their resulting sorrow - in fact I particularly liked the way the rep said 'flurry' - what a lovely sounding word!! - but mostly it was good to realise that I'd been heard.

Notwithstanding my vehement email position that there was nothing else United could do for me apart from issuing me with an apology, they still enquired whether there was something else they could do. 'Nope!' I replied - I truly meant what I wrote, and no doubt there would be someone else on their 'aggrieved manifesto' more inclined to continue the relationship and take them up on further recompense.

Good stuff though - always nice to be listened to, and brave of United to call me!!!!

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