Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hypocrisy - prevailing standard of our time

If they don't need a helmet, why do I on my bicycle????

...oh we all know why - because 'bicycle helmet law' power is a bigger power than 'jet-boat' power, and as such illustrates global corporatocracy usurping democracy!!!

Completely unassailable, Big Helma is a mega-bucks lobby-group with much of its funding coming from helmet promoters and merchandising.

Primarily Big Helma is just a marketing orgnaisation pushing their 'money-spinning' product 'fear' despite public health experts declaring 'fear' to be a rubbish protection strategy.

Even more ridiculously, Australians fatuously lap up these absurd wares of illsionary safety 'hook, line & sinker'!!!

"C'mon, Bazza! - such fatuous devotion to regulation 256 is nothing more than political expediency trumping judgment and good sense - time to get your pen out and put a line through it...

...preferably today, but tomorrow will do!"


  1. The link to regulation 256 was broken when I tried it just now, it said "being updated..."

    We hope it's "updated" and soon!

    1. Silly me for using the NSW government link for reliable information purposes - you'll see I've now updated it using good old Austlii's link!!!! (ridiculously we were taught at Law School that the government link was way more 'reliable' than the Austlii one)


  2. Big governments are like corporations - you can never trusts them. The only difference is that governments have created the illusions that they are accountable to it's citizens.

  3. Paul, I take it you believe helmets should never be worn as they increase brain injury.

    So why aren't you advocating for a ban of helmets altogether, including all forms of bicycle racing (road, mtb, bmx).

    And why not advocate to repeal MHL for mopeds and similar low speed motor vehicles? And what about motorcycle helmets? If you accept the latter have a protective effect, at what minimal speed is that effect lost? What evidence do you base this on?