Thursday, July 12, 2012

FFSAIC - they are related to SAI Global!

I've long been intrigued by SAIC, one of the largest US military contractors, and their relationship with our own (well maybe not our own) SAI Global. Both companies have big wide tentacles that seem to spread everywhere in an under-the-radar' sort of a way, and in my quest for understanding Australian bicycle helmet law madness, I have for some time been convinced that SAIC and SAI Global are connected - and it would seem that they are here, here and here.

Reading Crikey's recent piece on SAIC re-kindled that interest and also stoked complete disbelief that Australian governments could be so taken in by them (SAIC).

SAIC, not content with incurring a couple of debts (aka New York City's City time) whilst running the communications show in America, has now put their hand up to run our communications show as well. Somewhat lamely the Victorian government has swooned right into their arms happily gurgling, 'yay you picked us, you picked us!!'


Why would anyone pick a company to handle 'matters serious' with such a poor track record?

Whilst SAIC's shadowy web reached Australia some time ago, inter alia it isn't only the Victorian Government who have been wooed by their dark promises of 'cyber-intelligence & cyber-dominance' - the Federal government is equally enchanted.

But do we really want to be involved with a 'body shop in the brain business' as depicted by Vanity Fair, that...

'...sells human beings who have a particular expertise—expertise about weapons, about homeland security, about surveillance, about computer systems, about "information dominance" and "information warfare." If the C.I.A. needs an outside expert to quietly check whether its employees are using their computers for personal business, it calls on SAIC. If the Immigration and Naturalization Service needs new record-keeping software, it calls on SAIC. Indeed, SAIC is willing to provide expertise about almost anything at all, if there happens to be a government contract out there to pay for it—as there almost always is. Whether SAIC actually possesses all the expertise that it sells is another story.'

So here's the thing; what with SAI Global's reach into...

- our legislation

- our food standards & other standards

- our design competitions

- our quality assurance

- our risk management

- our property management


- our bicycle helmets there any domain in our Australian way of life that won't be or isn't being overseen or overheard by SAIC and SAI Global?


On a slightly lighter note (aaah, but is it a lighter note?) I couldn't help notice earlier how improved the new look SAIC homepage is and how like the current facebook homepage it is, and then I couldn't help but recall The Onion's funny take on facebook being an extremely effective CIA tool (or is the CIA an effective facebook tool???)

CIA's 'Facebook' Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Costs

So, yes, after all that, arguably, it is possible that it might appear, that the largest US military contractor is connected to Australia's bicycle helmet laws, and therefore to me and therefore to my conscientious objection of unfair practice!!!!

In the meantime while regulation 256 stands, we remain at risk from the laws of marauding bicycle helmets!

(with thanks to BN1's buddy, un artiste avec humeur, who ably adapted my product-safety-commission-warning label)


  1. Have you seen this as well Sue? The British Medical Association launched their Healthy Lives, Healthy Transport report to much hoo-ha yesterday. And guess what, the h word crops up on page 44, and yes, they are arguing for compulsory h laws in the UK... Read it and weep.

  2. Sai Global - federal government and JP Morgan.