Friday, July 13, 2012

Learning from the best

WOW! Eli Lilly, I'm full of admiration for your recent slick marketing campaign!!! - surely there're some take-home lessons here for the rest of us trying to push our 'product'!

Now let me see...with my somewhat novel 'Where 'ere Ye Be Let Your Hair Go Free' campaign

...I need to

$$ improve bottom line

$$ please shareholders

$$ find new product/angle/disease

$$ find money to 'find' new product/angle/disease

$$ convince parliament not-yet-conceived product/angle/disease vote-winning

- use celeb(s) with panache

- use celeb(s) with street-cred

$$ commandeer 'trust-engendering' venue to deliver spin

$$ coordinate national media campaign to find money to fund 'finding' of new product/angle/disease

$$ align 'above' with global media campaign

$$ broadcast new product/angle/disease affects all shareholders

...right, on to it, got it down pat!...definitely smartening up marketing act!

- hmmmn! wonder when the National Press Club is next free?

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