Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Scone Horse Week 2012

(Photos: Hunter Valley News)
...and I'm the one legally required to wear a helmet!


  1. Hello Sue,

    You probably know about this. A recent case from South Australia:

    The two appellants managed to have no conviction recorded but the finding of guilt remained alas.

  2. Really interesting, thanks, Edward!

  3. How bizarre. The court's main concern seemed to be to determine that there can be no exception to the victims of crime levy. What a waste of public resources. We really do live in Kafka's castle.

  4. "Yes we have no convictions,
    We have no convictions today!
    We have public resources,
    Taxpayers and taxes,
    And all sorts of rules, and say,
    We have an old fashioned crime levy
    Our own island proviso, But yes we have no convictions
    We have no convictions today!"

    (with millions of apologies to Frank Silver & Irving Cohn!! xx)