Monday, May 21, 2012

Email to NSW Premier: despatched 16/5/2012

Dear Premier,

I would like to make an appointment to see you soon concerning mandatory bicycle helmet laws.

I understand that you are incredibly busy but even so I am extremely disappointed that I have not had a response from you to the letter and memo that I sent to you in March 2012. In fact I am disappointed all round that of the 135 letters that I sent to the entire NSW parliament less than 10 politicians have been in touch with me. This is poor show from all of you, our elected representatives especially when you consider that we are encouraged by you all the time to ‘become engaged’ with our parliamentarians and the parliamentary process .

It is such a pity that NSW is going to lose the exciting opportunity of becoming the first state to revoke mandatory bicycle helmet laws in Australia. Currently it looks like that honour will be going to WA – shame, it could have looked good in your government’s immensely flawed transport portfolio that currently dogs our state in every department notional or otherwise: aka roads, congestion, public transport, tourism, productivity, public health, obesity, law & order, and lastly but by no means least-ly the environment.

I would like to meet with you soon to see what we can organise together, namely overdue revocation of regulation 256, a simple process by any means which would cost your government next to nothing and make you look good and innovative simultaneously.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
NSW resident & voter


  1. Good luck with Barry

  2. Well done to Fremantle. I am proper amazed that any local government area in any part of Australia has had the gumption to look at this issue non-hysterically and then to actually get to the point of acting on it.

    I hope that they have the courage to see it through.