Monday, May 28, 2012

MESSAGE TO MOTORISTS: don't play 'silly buggers' with cyclists - it'll all end in tears

People donning maroon were everywhere last week whether it was...

- jerseys creating havoc on melbourne footie fields


- number plates creating havoc on Sydney streets

...and it's the latter scenario that causes me the most concern.

A maroon number plate positioned itself ½ cm from my back mudguard in Oxford Street last Saturday night with horn blaring and engine revving. Untapped motoring-maroon rage was palpable and clearly not assisted by my bicycling-blue comment, 'you've got to be joking - back off, mate!'

The 'a metre matters' campaign was far from this visiting marauding number-plate-carrying maroon's consciousness, and left my somewhat bicycling-blue hubbie gasping in sheer disbelief as he witnessed the unfolding nastiness & closeness - (funny how when you're in the middle of a 'blue', you feel far far away)...


Final Score: 100 - 0 to baffled-bicycling-blue team valiantly maintaining position on 'Electra Amsterdam' whilst sharing road with marauding-motoring-maroon team exhibiting redcard dickhead behaviour

MESSAGE TO CRANKY MOTORISTS: 'get a life' rather than try and take one


  1. You can report bad motorist behaviour to the police and at the very least it's recorded and they receive a warning letter.

  2. My normal tactic when something like this happens is to stare at the person's number plate and recite the numbers and letters a few times, in order to give the driver the impression that I am memorising them. People who do this kind of stuff are just bullies, plain and simple. I like the idea that giving them the (false) impression that I am going to take it further will at least give them a little heart flutter.