Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Premier's e-diary & me

(wouldn't it be nice if the 'diary notation' below eventuated into a meeting and a spot of bridge building? - sigh)

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------------------------------- Diary Entry Details

Description: Meeting Request from Sue Abbott re:
mandatory bicycle helmet laws

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...and of further interest today, the Inner West Courier reports on page 5 that...

'...the City of Sydney is keen to trial helmet-free cycling as part of the push for a bicycle share scheme.' Labour councillor Meredith Burgmann has a vision of women in print frocks riding upright, with the wind in their hair and baguettes in their baskets.'

Notwithstanding Mez's vision, one clearly sponsored by french artisan bakers & Liberty's, our Clove...

'...supports the idea but says a larger network of connected separated cycleways is needed before a trial can go ahead.'

Geez, I'll be in a gopher by then and pigs will probably be flying more frequently than Qantas planes!

C'mon, Bazza, it's in your powers to do

Go on, don't make us wait any longer - repeal bicycle helmet laws!


  1. This ' not until we have the infrastructure' argument is becoming as tedious as the 'helmet saved my life' arguments and can be used to defer the change to the helmet laws indefinitely.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more, Kathy!!!!! - it's so pathetic and paternalistic! - the roads are there and we're using them with or without infrastructure


  3. Move to the Netherlands...