Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tokyo: heels & suits in rain & sunshine

Until we sort out transport issues in Australia, tourism will languish on the sidelines in a manner somewhat analogous to Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid as she loses her voice.

Notwithstanding the tendency for politicians to obfuscate about the necessary 'strategic plan,' the essential link between the 2 Ts [Tourism & Transport] is broken, and will remain so until 'Australian political will' provides for its repair.

Unquestionably, transport is both "key" to the problem and the solution.

...& unquestionably Tokyo has 'transport' worked out!


  1. Really enjoying these photos Sue!

  2. Looks amazing over there Sue.
    Is it completely and utterly lycra-free?
    Jason (of Tassie)

  3. An edifying experience - the more I observe other countries and their available transport options the more I realise what a load of rubbish we're dished up here!

    ...oh, & PS - totally lycra-free as far as we could see!!!