Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nozawa Onsen: bicycles, trains....& onsens!!!

Despite being 'onsen-rookies', here in Nozawa Onsen we eschewed our bicycles for them...

...& now we're all soft, young and rejuvenated - in fact so much so we feel 20!!! (we wish!! - ha! ha!)

What a town - great people, great food...& great onsens!

Totally sublime!


  1. Sue, where did you stay at Nozawa? I'm heading to japan and want to spend a weekend around Nagano, but in one of the more remote hamlets... Your photos of Nozawa are gorgeous!

    1. Hi there, J-bot!!!! - "Address Nozawa", serviced apartments, ( mixture between japanese and western, and with food for a western brekkie popped in your fridge the night before! For a tatami mat japanese experience, Ryokan Sakaya would be fabulous - we checked that out whilst we were there for next time!

      Have fun!!! xx