Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chevron cares - ahhhh!

(Photos: SMH full page Chevron ad in 2 parts)

Are we really expected to swallow this spin? - a full page ad in the SMH just to let us know that Chevron cares about kangaroos and their habitat...and Dr Harry approves.

Get out of here!!!!

It's bad enough that the interests of petrol users always prevail over the interests of non-petrol users but to ice it with this green-hogwash reveals a big dollop of corporate cynicism.

The reality is that Big Oil has always inflicted global death and destruction, and no attempt to sugar-coat that reality ought to soften it - there is no escaping the fact that Big Oil kills all life forms including cute kangaroos.

Let's tell our elected representatives that we're not falling for this rubbish anymore - nope, we just don't believe that Chevron 'goes to extraordinary lenghts to protect the integrity of the places where we [they] operate' - we just don't.

On your bikes, Chevron, your services ought not to be required

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