Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shinkhansen etc: a far cry from City Rail etc

Now this is a train!...

...& this is a bicycle culture!!!!

I ♥ Nagano

- heaven!


  1. Isnt Japan a great place for bikes. I was there many years ago and saw it for myself.

  2. Ha! I was RIGHT THERE just a month ago! Nagano Station.

    The cycling in Kyoto is fabulous too. Many, many more people riding around than in Tokyo or even Nagano. Everyone is courteous. I didn't hear a single car horn...

  3. We're loving it & will be back again for sure!!!!

  4. I agree. I found Kyoto impressive. It was interesting to note that in a country in the forefront of high-tech that there was such a thriving bicycle culture. So many kids riding to school even on the roads. Incredible courtesy altogether. Drivers put their lights down at intersections to not bother the other drivers.
    Similarly to Europe the bike of choice was usually a step-through, a single down tube design, and as we know that tells you everything as that is the design favoured when the object is not sport. At one stage I was starting to count the diamond frame bikes as there was so few and they stood out.

    1. I look forward to trying out the bicycles in Kyoto one day. Currently we're in Nozawa Onsen and I think given the incline a motor sccoter might be more the order of the day! - however having said that there are still quite a few bikes passing through the village most days - I'm in awe and totally loving it!!!!!