Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'ASIO won't get online with Huawei' but could they with SAIC?

So if concerns abound with regards to Huawei's 'direct ties with China's equivalent to ASIO' can we assume that SAIC's submission will be tossed on the scrap heap too given their ties with the US' equivalent to ASIO?...this NBN stuff is just too too fascinating!!!

Interestingly SAIC has quite a few bills to pay at the moment given the debacles over the New York CityTime stuff and the Tricare stuff so a few more handy little contracts could be useful!
...& also, as a little PS, does anyone know if there is an affiliation between SAIC & SAI Global Pty Ltd? I'm hopelessly hopeless interpreting 'money-matters' stuff but always did vaguely entertain suspicions the military could be behind the cycling armour we Australians so fatuously embrace...


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