Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Uniquely Australian Phobia - the Bicycle

(Photos: Amsterdamize, Flickr, Royal Cyclery)

The idea of Australian bicycle safety has depended on all kinds of special effects that by definition contain a whiff of complete ridiculousness. It's the job of serious Bicycle NSW-types & the like to erase any trace of this ridiculousness and thus we get to observe the theatre of Australian cycling advocates underwriting scripts & props to "Danger Zone - The Bicycle".

Fascinatingly, we see that they have their own language and their own costumes and even their own special architect-designed bicycles which weigh less than meringues. But you don't have to scratch the surface very deep to expose the uncontainable whiff of 'Boys' Own Adventure World Ridiculousness'.

Why don't they do us all a favour & find themselves a truly scary pastime!!!

Cycling isn't dangerous: it's for everyone - aka from grannies to babies!!!!

Always has been, always will be!

Grow up, fellas!


  1. "Bicycles which weigh less than meringues" - heh heh!

    One thing that grates me about the advocacy style of our cycling overlords is how they add layer upon of layer of needless complexity onto what is the most simple form of transport in the world. The pure essence of the bicycle has been polluted by specialisation, gadgetry, cycling-specific apparel, and countless (and I mean countless) rules and tips on safety which more often than not contradict each other. For god's sake gentleman: five year old kids are riding bikes as we speak! There is nothing professional or dangerous about it whatsoever!

    Of course, all of this is worlds away from the reality that people on this forum all enjoy. The very act of us riding our bikes the way we do sends a much more positive image than the garbage the likes of BNSW serves up. Keep riding everyone!

  2. Mon cher Etienne, vous êtes la poésie!! xx

    ...'pure' poetry but I don't know the word for 'pure' in french - anyway YOU'RE IT - & gold too...

    - classic!!!!