Sunday, October 30, 2011

One-Day too far away

(Photos: Sydney Magazine, SMH)

Australia, you're dreamin'!!!

- of course we'd love our men dished up on bicycles as portrayed in last week's SMH Sydney Magazine' but in reality this sexy guy would be up for a chat with the police, a $59 fine or a day in court the latter of which would then automatically mean a $67 bill for the Victim's Compensation Levy (VCL)!!!

With regards to my grossly unfair VCL bill & current battle with AG's Dept, I finally received a letter from the AG himself:

$ No - he will not grant me an exemption, in fact no-one will, AND

$ Yes - I still have to pay this arbitrary tax for this victimless crime, BUT

$ I might be interested to hear that last month NSW pollies decided that at a date to be decided maybe the VCL oughtn't apply to section 10(1)(a) dismissals anymore (YAY!), HOWEVER

$ this restored state of affairs would not retrospectively apply to me, THEREFORE

$ I must cough up money to settle my exponentially-rising VCL bill pronto!



  1. Victimless crime? Of course there is a victim, you are denying those poor helmet companies their profits...

    Carry on the good fight!

  2. Thanks, Kim! - it's very long winded, extremely repetitive, and utterly mindless - but I'm in there for the long-haul!!!

  3. You should just write out the cheque for the VCL to yourself Sue, as you're the victim!
    Jason (formerly of Tassie).

  4. Hi Sue,

    I think it is time that we (everyone who would like to see mandatory helmet laws repealed) formed a national association.
    I have just put the same thought to Helmet Freedom. org
    Speaking as an organisation will give us much more influence and we could really get something done.

    I would love to speak to you more about this, I think I live near you too, in Marrickville.

    Kind regards,

  5. Have you seen this:

    Don't forget to vote in the poll too!

  6. Lovely to hear from you, Vanessa! - thanks for the link, and that would be great to touch base some time in person - how nice that we're neighbours!!!!

  7. Hi Sue, the story's been covered here too. Cannot believe some of the ignorant comments though...

  8. Oops, this is the link:

  9. Great paper here on why cycle helmets are not effective:

  10. Hey, coshgirl! thank you for all that - and yes some of the comments are just unbelievable - I shall look forward to reading the amsterdamize pdf - thanks so much for the link - brilliant, thanks