Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby No.2's Court Date Vacated

Yes 'tis true - the policeman can't make it tomorrow!!!

Ok, so no worries, quick little reshuffle of expert witness(es), journo(s), exams - & yay! bob's your uncle, everyone will be there come Friday 18th Novomber 2011...

...with bells on, of course(?!!!)


  1. How frustrating for all of you. I'm disappointed too. I was looking forward to the outcome.
    Sounds like you are very well prepared and with your cumulative experience you can only get better and better at this caper. Best wishes to Baby no. 2 from Alan and myself. We await the verdict on 18 November.

  2. She doesn't look like a criminal... ;)

  3. A million thanks, Kathy! - & you can be 100% sure we'll keep you posted!

    ...maybe not to you & me, Fonant! - but she definitely does to my daft government!!!

  4. All the best Sue. Looking forward to hearing the outcome.

  5. This may be a case for mandatory demerit points for prosecutors and police who cannot get their act together.