Monday, October 24, 2011

My opinion is not one Greens MPs share

Totally gutted!

* Tooth Fairy

* Father Christmas

* Easter Bunny Bob

...what's left to believe in?

(Certainly not Occupy Wallstreet!)


  1. I wonder why the Greens would not support the repeal of the helmet laws. Could you write back to ask why please?

  2. Definitely - I was so shocked by this letter - outright winner for uber-political surprises!!!

  3. The letter is dated October 2010... perhaps their opinion has changed since then?

    Unless of course it's a misprint.

  4. I am also in despair at the Greens stand on this.

    They want to decriminalise illegal drug use and set up safe injecting rooms but they won't decriminalise riding a bicycle !!! Unbelievable.

    I have been told that if we join the Greens we may be able to change their Policy from the inside. There are connections in Victoria between the Greens and Bicycle Victoria and it is possible very few Greens were involved in deciding their helmet Policy.

    Another idea circulating is that this issue has split the Greens and consequently they prefer not to openly discuss their Cycling Policy.

    Who has the time or energy to get to the bottom of this. I know I don't.

    My next ballot paper will either be blank or covered abusive language.

    There is nothing green about the Greens now.

    They have lost my vote.

    1. Hi Kathy
      I have spoken to Mark Parnell the sitting Greens MP in SA around 2013-June they are brainwashed helmet law supporters - but i keep trying - the LDP has been the best supporters so far.

  5. OZZMOSIS!!!! - THANK YOU! - in my despair I completely failed to see the date!!!!! - I shall write back immediately and put your salient angle to them!!!

    Kathy, I'm totally with you on this, & in fact think I will start boycotting elections at all government levels from here on in - why should I be bothered to vote if they (elected representatives) fail to be bothered to listen to any of us (electors)?

  6. I'm not surprised by this at all. In fact of all the political parties, I would think the Greens would be the most likely to strongly support helmet laws.

    Whilst their environmental aims are laudable, the Greens are very, very regulationist. Most of their policy aims involve more government involvement in the personal lives and choices of citizens, not less.

    We are talking here about a party that seriously floated the idea of newspapers having to be licensed by the government.

  7. Speaking for Yankland, if you see someone riding around in a motorcycle helmet, hi-viz vest with a safety flag and 1001 automotive reflectors on their bike, you can be pretty certain they're moss covered under that vest.

    Cycling terrifies them.

  8. Robyn, I feel such a gullible numpty!!! - I'm so disillusioned!

    kfg, I had that hi-viz vest vision on a motor-cycle in next-door-lane at traffic lights today, yelling to me that I needed a helmet - I sweetly called back that I couldn't hear him because his 'all-over-head-&-face-hat' made communication very difficult...!

    - love the concept of 'moss covered'!!!

  9. Ever thought of running as an independant?
    I'll vote for you! And you can have a cool flag with your logo on for your bike.

  10. Awwwwww shucks, Vanessa! - how lovely of you!!! - & a flag for my bike...!...with my logo!!!!

    - too cool for school!!