Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mandatory Floaties Law anyone?

Baby No.3 nearly choked on his beer & prawns when I issued my "anyone-who-takes-a-dip-in-the-surf-ought-to-have-to-wear-floaties-whether-they-can-swim-or-not-&-whether-they-like-it-or-not" pronouncement!!!!

'Muuuummmm! WTF! No way!' he protested 'what's wrong with you - that's as dumb as helmets...'

'...ha! ha! ha!'

'You're not funny'

Needless to mention I think I'm hilarious (!) but I'm also acutely aware that a nation of surfies would no more trust floaties to provide water-safety than a nation of bicycle-users would trust helmets to provide road-safety!

It's a question of what frightens you - & clearly Australians are NOT frightened of rips or sharks or 4 metre swells or blue-bottley-Portuguese-men-of-war or even crocodiles...

...only of bicycles (sigh)


  1. Yea nice one mum :P

    I 'floated' the idea with some mates and their reactions were much the same as mine. They think a floaty-law would be nuts, which of course it would be. But they agreed that beach swimming and surfing are more dangerous than riding a bicycle.

    I imagine each year that there are many more floaty-less drownings than there are helmet-less cycling deaths.

    Speak soon,
    Baby no.3 xx

  2. Ahhh! BN3, it would appear then upon the results of this customary miniscule focus group that I have no takers for the floating of my "Mandatory Floaties Law" - commonsense prevails! xx

  3. We could get a group together and attend a local beech and harass everyone by asking "Where's your floaties?"
    As funny as it sounds it actually makes more sense than this "Where's your helmet?" business!
    Jason (formerly of Tassie)

  4. Ha! ha! Jason!!!

    This just gets better & better - I love the idea of asking everyone at the beach 'where's your floaties?'!!!!!

  5. Even turds would be outraged by mandatory floaties law.