Saturday, August 28, 2010

Queensland bicycle karma

Today karma was restored.

Armed with my fabulous hire-bike from Get On Your Bike, I caught the Gold Coast train to South Brisbane to meet Dr Paul Martin (pictured above on floating cycleway in front of Story Bridge).

Paul has provided much needed support for those of us in the 'helmets-should-be-a-choice' camp as well as the wider community, by expertly disseminating the many issues and 'furphys' that have arisen in the bicycle helmet law debate - his generous input is invaluable.

The day couldn't have been more glorious - & Brisbane twinkled in all its glory as Paul showed me around 'en bicyclettes':

* markets
* river hugging cycleways
* quirky art installations
* trendy cafes
* the very best of balmy winter sun

...oh! Brisbane has it all - even pedi-cabs!!! - hmmmn!

Fascinatingly, the pedi-cab anomaly is prevalent in Queensland too.

Similarly to New South Wales, cyclists' rights in Queensland are trivial compared with the "bottom line" factor which underpins the legal provision for unhelmeted paying passengers.

Notwithstanding the political spin regarding the stability of pedi-cabs & subsequent helmet exemption for pedi-cab passengers, politicians face a hurdle in their 'stability' argument when faced with the question 'why do pedicab-drivers have to be helmeted'. To date they have failed to provide an explanation!

But jeez! - it's glaringly obvious - it's a large dose of 'commercial bull-dust' which we're expected to swallow whole with a teaspoon of political sugar...


...but bact to Paul & Brisbane...loved! loved! loved the day! - thanks! thanks! thanks!


  1. Hey Sue, i love, Love, LOVE the article in the Sydney paper today. Such high exposure, and such a prominent piece... hopefully it will all help change a few minds about helmet laws. Congrats!


  2. I had a quick hunt and it is online at :

  3. Thanks for a great day, Sue! Fabulous cycling and conversation - it was a pity that it had to end so soon!

    Congratulations again on the SMH article - brilliant.

    It is funny how the pedicab passengers are exempt from wearing helmets as, according to the Queensland Transport (aka Car) Minister, pedicabs are 'more stable' and 'more visible' than normal bikes... yet the pedicab 'driver' must wear a helmet... go figure.


    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia