Monday, August 30, 2010

Bicycle helmet laws & the debate

(Clipping from Saturday's SMH)

The discussion develops as mainstream media continue to provide a much needed platform for the bicycle helmet laws debate.

After 19 years of draconian legislation, the wider community is now considering the proposition that if helmet laws had been successful there ought to have been a decrease in injuries - yet only cycling has decreased.

Surely the evident 'sedentary trending' of Australians delineates a far greater risk than the supposed risk of riding a bicycle without a helmet?

At the risk of sounding repetetive, cycling is NOT dangerous:

* driving is!
* obesity is!
* smoking is!

...but cycling is not!!!

Helmet laws are unnecessary - let's repeal them!


  1. Fantastic coverage Sue, it seems the issue is really picking up speed in the press. It also got discussed all the way over here in the UK on the Guardian's bike podcast by the presenter and none other than little old me as their guest contributor (see here at 13minutes 7 seconds) With this kind of momentum there has to be a political break-through soon!

  2. I love you Sue!

    I wrote about you and also about the defeat of a helmet law in Italy here. In Swedish... but it has a picture of you in it!

    Små segrar för hjälmfria cyklister i Australien och Italien - Ecoprofile

  3. Mark,

    Well done on the Guardian Bike Blog Podcast. It is a great to hear intelligent people being heard for a change!


    Dr Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  4. Sue,

    This just in from the Sunday Age.With the Melbourne bike share scheme failing fast,the RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria)who run the scheme have resorted to handing out free helmets to city office workers. They have even looked at collapsible cardboard helmets from France!105 subscriptions in August down from 135 in July. (a day pass counts as a subscrition)Of over 120 such schemes around the world,Melbourne's is the only one with compulsory helmets laws and still the government refuses to budge.6 months?~12 at the outside,



  5. Sue,

    You really are gathering momentum. Did you also see the article in the latest issue of Australian Cyclist magazine? It is very objectively written.

  6. Thanks guys!!!! it's all very exciting - we seem to be on a roll don't we?!!!!!

    Yes, Edward, I did see the article - it's fantastic it made the Australian Cyclist

    ...& Eric, I love the idea of being written about in Swedish in Italy - what 'streetcred'!

  7. Ian - that's unbelievable about the RACV handing out helmets - how RIDICULOUS!!!!

    - why are the 'powers-that-be' so blinkered?

    - why do they have such a mental block about repealing the mandatory requirement?


  8. Hi Sue - congratulations on an excellent result and great SMH story! Great work. Did I see you riding on Wilson Street in Newtown yesterday evening? Love your style.

  9. Hi BikeSaint!

    thanks & Wow! yes! - I was heading off to Randwick to have dinner with friends!!!

  10. Sue, next time you are in Sydney and have time, it would be good to meet you. Perhaps with Mike Rubbo, too - he has my number.

  11. BikeSaint!

    ...that would be brilliant! - love to meet you!

  12. Bike Saint,

    We might all be in Sydney for this Sydney CycleChic Bourke St Event on Saturday 11 September. I'm flying down for it :)


    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia