Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cheap helmet strategy masked 'government-infringement' of civil liberties

The cheap helmet strategy imposed in the early 90s masked government pandering to the oil lobby. Fatuously they discriminated against a whole group of transport users in a bid to appease the Big Polluters - and we let this outrageous infringement of civil liberties 'through to the keeper'.

Unsurprisingly this abuse of civil liberties has lead to inequality in terms of congestion and health:

* we are the fattest nation on the planet, and;

* we continue to eat ourselves into early graves.

But today we are witnessing resentment re-emerging, and the realisation that the roads are for sharing.

We can only wonder, 'how will politicians deal with that?!'


  1. Isn't part of this problem that drivers are also sold the illusion of freedom and politicians have also bought into this illusion.

  2. Kim, definitely - but when will drivers & politicians move past the blatant spin and allow themselves to see the destructive capabilities of their current mindset?

  3. More support:

  4. Edward beat me to it, but I am pleased to see that a public health expert has called for the scrapping of the bike helmet law.

  5. I KNOW IT'S SO EXCITING!!!!!! YAY!!!!