Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pious hope no justification for mandatory bicycle helmet laws

Helmets are manifestly not the measure of cycling safety.

Moreover if Australia wishes to achieve successful transport interdependence, cycling must be given the opportunity to flourish.

As this opportunity expands, it can only be inevitable that the days of mandatory helmet laws are numbered!


...crossing off & counting!!!!!!!!


  1. Lets hope so Sue, though I think the gas is going to have to be kept right up on this one to perpetuate the current momentum on the issue. There are just too many people out there who accept the law for what it is and have a dogmatic approach to it all (You know the ones I mean 'A helmet saved my life, therefore everyone should wear one yadda yadda etc etc')

    Fingers crossed though, I do feel as though there is a real groundswell coming up on this issue right now; what you need to do now is get a pollie to be on your side and outspoken on the issue.

    Again, where are the likes of Bicycle NSW? Don't they want things like the bike hire schemes to be a success?

  2. Hey Mark!

    Bicycle NSW - silent, although interestingly they do follow me on twitter!!!

    Minister David Borger (Transport Minister) - equally silent - however I sent off a big parcel to him today containing submissions, applications, letters, copies of RTA memos, Law Society Journal etc etc - maybe he'll contact me?!?!?!?

    ...but despite him incommunicado & all holed up in his little ivory tower, there is an exciting the genie is about to burst out!!! funtimes!!!!